"Pin the Dummy" Baby Shower Game

"Pin the Dummy" Baby Shower Game

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This product can be pasted on any smooth surface like wall, glass, etc. It won't leave any vestige. Great Idea for Baby Shower Party Games. Enjoy your time with this game - pin the dummy on the baby. Quality and Satisfaction guaranteed!


- Brand: Tinksky.
- Color: As shown
- Material: Adhesive sticker.
- Poster size: Approx. 81 x 53 cm (L x W)
- This large pack includes 1 poster, 1 x Blindfold, 6 x Pacifier Stickers, 6 x Candy Stickers, 32 x Self-adhesive Stickers.
- Pin The Pacifier Baby Shower Game. Fun vibrant colors design, perfect for baby shower celebrations.
- All of our posters adopt high-quality paper and printed with bright rainbow style colors, which can easily attract children to play.
- The stickers are removable and reusable. Players can write name on the stickers.
- How to play? One person wears the eye mask, take a pacifier sticker and pin it on the poster, whoever is the closest wins